“Misplaced Women?” 1 Favorite 


Oct 29 2015



Tanja Ostojić’s long-time project Misplaced Women? deals primarily with gender sensitivity in the migration context, evokes and tests the discomfort during administrative and security checks that have become part of travelers’ everyday life. The work has been conceived as both an internet-platform and a real platform in public spaces related to migration, which is manifested, in the first place, in a series of performances by the author herself, as well as group and delegated performances, and performance workshops, which means that, although the artist is the author of the project concept, workshop participants and other authors are invited to perform this work, based on the author’s principal idea in a given context. The initial performance includes unpacking, rummaging and detailed search of the entire content, pockets, purses, wallets, personal suitcases and bags on sites that are relevant to migration, such as: airports, train stations, Western Union Money Transfer services, police stations for foreigners who want to obtain residence permits, etc. Other authors performing this performance at authentic locations repeat similar actions that build upon the basic design of the Misplaced Women? concept, i.e. they deal with positions and experiences of people in transit, migration and exile, whose privacy is more than often violated and who are exposed to different types of violent search by border officials, having to show personal belongings and being forced to disclose facts about their own lives ...

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