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Madhousers in Atlanta GA, has been doing this for/with folks for at least a few years, now. I want to bring it to the Front Range of Colorado. Need at least 1 other person with whom to get this started. Mad Housers' website is

Mad Housers is into helping folks in other places (outside of Atlanta or Georgia), to get new Mad Housers chapters going. They offer help with technical and training support.

Even though this "Mad Housers" model is different from Habitat for Humanity, I want to let folks know that I do have experience in home-building through volunteer work I did with Habitat. I've also got hands-on experience with Permaculture, Passive Solar House Design, and with making and building with Adobe (handmade mud/straw bricks).

Let's help ourselves and others have an affordable, safe, comfortable place to live! Please understand, if you've got addictions to drugs/alcohol/prescription meds, etc., I won't be able to do this work with you, because the effects of drugs/alcohol, etc. will create a situation in which it would be unsafe to enter into construction work with you. A modest 420 toast at the end of our first build would be totally in order, (at a different, undisclosed location, not at the build), but we've got to get it built, first, then celebrate our accomplishment, After!

Let's create the world we want ~ Work.Respect.Share

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