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Dec 31 2017


All over the world

We are asking you to help spreading the campaign POETRY AGAINST ARMS on your websites and mailing lists.

see also the campaign trailer:

How can you take part?
Film your poetic contribution in front of the military or arms industry facility that offends you, or in front of a place where the force of arms is present (police, paramilitary, arms shops, military monuments).
Post a video containing brief information about your campaign, and if you like also your website, your group, your initiative.

Who are we?
A group of international activists for nonviolence who have gathered to form the "Committee for Defense of the Weak
Nervous System".

Various participations in creating a worldwide awareness of the necessity to make a stand against the poisonous impact
of armed forces and the culture of violence. And to connect and strengthen the sensible people.

For a world without arms.

Luz Jahnen
Committee for the Defense of the Weak Nervous System

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