The Democracy Wall in Carroll Gardens Ten Year Anniversary 2007-2017 Favorite 

Did you know? It is the Ten Year Anniversary of the "Democracy Wall" in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, NY 2007-2017. What was the Democracy Wall?

"The "Democracy Wall" is a story about a long-term, community and art activist project that happened in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. This tale is for the many artists and community activists who are out there in NYC (and elsewhere) right now fighting major battles in their communities. I want to tell you this: Stay the course!" (Triada Samaras)

A true story of art and community activism in Brooklyn, NY, written by by Triada Samaras, Artist/Activist, and CG CORD Co-Founder.

CG CORD is a community coalition concerned with the Carroll Gardens and Greater Gowanus communities in Brooklyn, NY: our land-use and development; our safety; our historical context; and our protection from extreme environmental hazards.

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