Misión Abolición: A Fight to End Bullfighting in Spain Favorite 


Sep 18 2021


Madrid, Spain

Despite a consistent increase in the protest and denouncement of animal abuse across the nation, Spain’s cultural linkage to bullfighting has continued to withstand the test of time. During a typical bullfighting event, six bulls are brutally tortured and killed, and in Spain alone, over 35,000 bulls are slaughtered by sport each year (World Animal Foundation, 2021). The Partido Animalista Contra el Maltrato Animal en España (Animalist Party Against Animal Abuse in Spain; PACMA) has made it their mission to advocate for animal rights and call for an end to animal abuse. Ending the cultural phenomena of bullfighting is unquestionably at the top of their list, as PACMA describes the sport as having “lost all ethical arguments,” with statistics to prove it, as the Ministry of Culture recently revealed that only 9% of citizens currently claim attendance to bullfights at least once a year (PACMA, n.d.) Throughout years of consistent protest and political demonstrations to end bullfighting, a popular slogan has emerged, “Misión Abolición” which captures their overarching goal of abolishing bullfighting. In addition to various artistic images, such as the green logo for “Misión Abolición,” several demonstrations have utilized the human body as an agent to convey and demonstrate the mission. For example, the popular concept of “die-ins”--when activists dress as bulls and cover themselves in fake blood to portray this torture--ultimately produces an artistic “shock-factor” that visually aids PACMA’s mission.

In early September, 2021, PACMA utilized Twitter as a platform to organize a mass demonstration for “Misión Abolición" on the 18th in response to an event organized in Loranca de Tajuña (Guadalajara) characterized as the “running of the bulls.” A video from the event showed a bull goring a horse ridden by a rider, leading to several 4x4 cars harassing the bull in panic, ultimately injuring the horse and multiple people (The News 24, 2021). In response to the incident, PACMA confirmed their intent to file a complaint towards the event in addition to organizing a mass protest surrounding the largest bullfighting ring in Madrid; Las Ventas. Beginning at 6:00 P.M., activists across Spain gathered in front of Las Ventas and continued to walk along the streets of Madrid, chanting slogans such as, “torture is not art nor culture” and “stop torture, this is not culture” (Carbonera, 2021). The media captured protestors holding green scarves, handkerchiefs, flags, banners and signs; all of which displayed the green image of the bull, titled with the words Misión Abolición. To demonstrate solidarity with the cause, many protesters were encouraged to aesthetically align with the artistic logo of the bull and draw black and green stripes underneath their eyes.

The magnitude of PACMA’s September protest suggests that the fight to end bullfighting is only gaining more traction over time. Although the fight to end bullfighting is far from over, groups like PACMA will continue to utilize their bodies and voices to educate, organize, and protest for the denouncement of the bullfighting sport.

Photo Credits: PACMA Twitter Account (@PartidoPACMA), September 18th, 2021

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