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Mar 24 2013



The Obama Administration has set up an online petitioning site on the Whitehouse Website, called "We, the People". If 100,000 US citizens sign an online petition by 03/24/2030,on a issue or topic the Obama Administration will respond.

I started an online petition on having the U.S. Department of Energy on conducting a feasibility study on transitioning the U.S. energy system to renewable energy by 2030, with existing technology, without fossil fuel or nuclear power.

Dr. Mark Jacobson at the Stanford University and Dr. Mark Delucchi of the University of California at Davis have conducted several studies on the science, technology, engineering, raw material, economic and environment aspects of transforming our energy sources,transmission, transportation, and distribution systems on a global, national and in two states, California and New York.

I have been unsuccessful in getting any digital traction getting my message out to the masses. I have been labeled a spammer on the Web. Facebook has blocked me. Twitter has suspended me. I visited the Clean Air Council in Philadelphia, PA and as soon as I typed in my e-mail address asking for help with promoting my petition, a message popped up saying I was a known spammer, and the message was deleted.

I don't expect to be successful at this attempt. I will try to initiate this petition drive again when ever the White House Website rules will allow it. I need help with how to make the message go viral on the Web, without being a spammer. My Twitter address is @PaulForChange . I am on Facebook as Paul Robert Roden. I am on LinkedIn as Paul Roden. I have a YouTube account. And my e-mail ia .

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