$100 bills try to rush the White House 1 Favorite 



Apr 13 2013


Washington DC


Anti-corruption activists unite: The Tea Party and Bold Progressives fighting side-by-side

On Saturday, April 13, 2013 at 2 p.m., hundreds of activists marched K Street in Washington D.C. (aka “Influence Alley”) dressed as giant $100 bills.

When the activists reached the capitol, they were prevented from entering, so these hundreds of $100 bills presented an award to the Capitol police for actually stopping “money” from entering the Capitol—a first time occurrence!

The end of the race featured a small speaker-series on the side lawn of the Capitol building. Speakers included respected leaders from the democracy reform movement and from other issue groups fighting the overwhelming influence of K Street and their dollars, including Tom Whitmore of the DC Tea Party Patriots, and Adam Green of Bold Progressives.

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