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May 5 2017

​"Four theatrical spaces and the full inventory of of 3LD Art & Technology Center were enlisted in the transformation of the space into SupremacyLand, a dystopian theme park where white supremacy and racist carnage was raised and twisted into totally immersive, experiences. With no fourth wall at all, the audience chose a race at the door and had fun, safe, up close and personal interactions with lovable characters from America’s original sin to contemporary thugs. It was a human zoo, a carnival, and a cabaret all pointing back to when America was great."

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How does this project help?

Timeframe For change

This project aims to create awareness of the history of white supremacy in the United States. This project aims to create awareness for a long-term change to help end white supremacy and racism.


In my opinion, immersive theater collaboration is one of the most successful theatrical forms in terms of activism. These kinds of projects create an impact that can transfer into awareness and active change.