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Nov 12 2015


Skopje, Macedonia

Cyclist activists from the Koce, Return to the Street initiative set up sculptures symbolically showing the marginalization of cyclists in the city, the inadequate and dysfunctional infrastructure for this means of transport, but also to point out the large number of trampled bikers in Skopje.

Sculptures-cyclists were dressed in light beads and they write "And I'm driving", "How many more victims" and "Skopje is our city." Through the guerrilla action, they are placed in several locations and municipalities across Skopje - on the street "Ruzveltova", "Orce Nikolov", near the hospital "8 September" ...

As with many times before, with this guerilla action, cyclists were looking to work on the underdeveloped bicycle infrastructure, while at the same time touching non-cultural sheriffs who believe that Skopje is a monopoly for cars. Cyclists are looking to create a safer and far more functional transport model, aiming at equal treatment with other motorized transport.

Annually, in Macedonia, in life, car crashes lose an average of 160-170 citizens, of which over 40% are in Skopje. The number of accidents that resulted in more severe consequences is almost identical - 1.727 for the first six months of 2015, compared with 1731 in the previous year. However, the consequences, those most severe (dead persons) increased by 30 percent! In absolute numbers, for the first six months of 2015, there were 20 deaths, unlike last year - 15. The balance of deaths in 2013 was 18, and last year the roads took the lives of 10 children. In Skopje, for the first eight months alone, 27 people were killed, of which 15 were vulnerable participants in traffic.

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