Art Activists Use Sex Dolls To Protest Spain's Controversial Anti-Abortion Law 1 Favorite 



Mar 24 2014



In response to Spain's increasingly restrictive legislation limiting access to abortion in the country, a group of art activists known for their bold, disruptive flair are taking action.

The members of Luzinterruptus created "Rights to Trample On," a radical art installation comprised of half-inflated sex dolls strewn about the streets in front of the Ministry of Justice in Madrid this month. The dolls, placed on the pavement like "a carpet of bodies ready to be trampled upon," are equipped with glowing lights and pieces of stark, black tape across their mouths, amounting to a stirring public image.

"This new law, which has already been approved in congress, prohibits the voluntary interruption of pregnancy, except in very extreme cases of danger to life and converts the woman who decides to have one into a criminal," the group adds, "making money the first consideration in the decision and making it so that only those who can pay for it have access to this treatment."

According to the statement, the project took Luzinterruptus four hours to complete and was exhibited for approximately two hours total. The group made sure to clean up their demonstration, leaving no plastic behind, and now is offering a plethora of blow-up dolls to any interested parties.

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