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Apr 8 2005


New York City

"Artbus is a non-profit organization devoted to the promotion and dissemination of contemporary art. Supported by contributions from individuals, foundations and corporations Artbus facilitates public access to current artistic expressions and fosters creativity and production by living artists.

Artbus offers guided tours across museums, galleries and art fairs, and provides access to the most innovative art events worldwide. An itinerant exhibition space, Artbus presents video screenings, interventions and performances by international artists during the ride. Ordinary commutes are transformed into unique and exciting experiences, bypassing the inconveniences of public and private transportation.

An alternative platform for the display of contemporary art, Artbus utilizes the potential of buses and other vehicles as low cost itinerant exhibition spaces to present video and context-specific art interventions.

The properties of video -easily transportable and screened, but requiring long visualization time- make Artbus a most suitable space to present and promote this medium. While comfortably navigating across the city, the interior of the Artbus hosts programs of screenings specially conceived for the space.

Since it was founded in 2006, Artbus has partnered with numerous art organizations, schools, galleries and museums, such as MoMAPS1, the Armory Show, the Williamsburg Gallery Association, facilitating transportation to their exhibitions and supporting their educational programs. Aiming to bring contemporary art to broader audiences, Artbus has organized tours in various cities such as New York, Madrid, Belgrade, Guatemala City, Shkoder (Albania) and La Serena (Chile)"

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