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Apr 1 2021


Puebla Mexico

It has been a long and exhausting battle for the bike activists in Puebla one of the cities in Mexico. Collectives and activist groups have long pushed for including bike infrastructure around the city, in a horizontal, democratic way.
They have achieved relevant changes. Increasingly, more and more streets become bike-friendly, by introducing a bike lane. However, this has not been well received by car owners who argue that the traffic has become worse in the last years.
The local news presented a video from a security camera that shows how pedestrians bump into the lane infrastructure. They mentioned how dangerous it was for others to allow these changes to be kept.
The video, far from being sympathetic with this cause, became a meme, allowing bike activists to gain the attention of the public in the introduction of another law that pretends to expand the bike lane policy on every street.

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The project was REALLY effective but not for the people who want to stop bike activists to continue their work, but for the activists themselves and their cause. Instead of causing the public to reject the bike infrastructure, the video actually brought attention to the activists and their agenda.