Bogota smiles: canned Sardines 1 Favorite 



May 4 2013


Bogota, Colombia

A Colombian college student created this idea to improve Bogotas citizens experience when using the public transportation. According to one scientific study, the worst problem Bogota citizens had to deal within the public space was public transportation; this problem represented the principal cause of high percentages of stress and anger among citizens. With this in mind, Daniel Sanchez created " Bogota smiles", a creative initiative to make the public transportation's overcrowding visible and to offer a funny experience to the users of Transmilenio. Taking into account that people tend to describe themselves as "canned sardines" when they use the public transportation, Daniel invited some friends to dress as sardines and embody Bogota's citizens everyday's experience. The performance was filmed and then posted as a you tube video. As the video went viral, it became a symbol to claim for better conditions within Bogotas' public transportation.

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