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Apr 11 2014



Hello. I have created this account having in mind the possibility of getting to know those who are interested in doing motivational art projects when funds are limited. Creative minds with a positive and constructive determination, and if you are from Bucharest that's an A+. I want to get together with those who are truly dedidcated to doing such inspirational artistic projects. I have in mind many, bursting ideas, but this one about bullying is at the top of my focus due to my own experiences as a teenager and never been able to talk about it. Watching the latest news about this kind of aggressive confrontations that are at the peak in Romania at the current moment, this is pure force to get into motion the ideas that have a chance do bring out a positive reaction.
If there is anyone out there actually willing to do something about this, do send me a message.
I apologise if this is not the right place to post this message. If so, please direct me to where I can post such information. Thanks.

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