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Feb 5 2017


Mexico City

A converted school bus with the sawed-off top is taking Mexico City visitors on the "Corruptour", a visit to the country's seedy underbelly of murderous misdeeds and multibillion-dollar graft by public officials.
Stops include a scandal-plagued subway line that cost more than $1 billion, and an impromptu "anti-monument" to the 43 students abducted by corrupt police and feared massacred in the southern state of Guerrero. The grey tour bus, which features a blood-red Corruptour logo in horror-film style type, made its debut journey on February 5 2017.
Organisers plan two tours every Sunday afternoon, free of charge, leaving from Mexico City's iconic Chapultepec Park.

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How does this project help?

Timeframe For change

The long term goal of this project is to actively and collectively fight against corruption in Mexico. The idea behind the project is to bring people's awareness to the city's recent history of corruption by making it visible through the material structures of the everyday. Buildings, monuments, residencies, streets. The corrupTour aims to hold the government responsible for these actions accountable through spectacle, and tourism.


The corrupTour began in Monterrey in 2014, as an activists' initiative the second biggest cities of the country and also one with the highest corruption rates. Because of the success it caused, it was replicated in Mexico City 3 years later. The corrupTour has expanded to other cities across the country since then. However, besides the national and international attention it received from the media, the project doesn't seem to have accomplished much else.