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Jan 1 2017



The video DON’T COVER UP, STEP UP is a public service announcement raising the issue of gender-based violence. In the video, a vlogger teaches her fans how to cover up bruises with makeup after she has been beaten by her husband. There is a twist in the story as the husband enters the scene at the end of the video.

The video was produced by RNW Media’s Justice4her project team in China. After it was posted on RNW Media’s Chinese social media platforms in October 2016, it quickly went viral. The video views have reached 1.2 million and the views of the relevant hashtag have reached 10 million.

According to research by the China Women’s Federation, 24.7 percent of Chinese married women have suffered violence in their marriage. To tackle this problem, RNW Media set up the Justice4her project in May 2016, in cooperation with two Chinese legal and civil society organizations, which adopt a unique cross-sector approach to empower Chinese female migrant workers to reduce gender-based violence. In the seven months after its launch in China, the project not only attracted more than 10 million social media views, but also generated a million comments. The project has also provided pro bono legal services to more than 600 victims.

Here is the link to watch Don't cover up, set up video:

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