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Apr 8 2012


New York NY

Embody the Message: Occupy the Mind This t-shirt / language project began in March 2006, when a small group of artists and activists decided to embody the historic words “WE WILL NOT BE SILENT” while doing a public action in New York City.

We then translated those words into six languages and the shirts began to spread. A movement grew as we reached over 50,000 people who joined us in wearing those important and provocative words on their bodies. Together, we inspired conversations and solidarity among people in public places all over the world.

Now, we are galvanized by peoples' movements accros the globe, as extraordinary people from civil society are taking over public spaces from Tunisia to Egypt, to Palestine, to Greece, to Spain, to Italy, and beyond. Finally, in the United States, as the Occupy Wall Street movement takes root and grows, we are joining in a global uprising for economic and social justice. We are coming together and speaking out, moving toward liberation.

We have 40 new designs. Clear, bold and simple language has been chosen to evoke complex ideas and, most importantly, to compel conversation between those who wear the shirts and others they encounter.

“We Will Not Be Silent” is a statement attributed to a student resistance movement in Nazi Germany called The White Rose. It is a statement of purpose, intended to inspire acts of resistance and dissent against abuses of power.

All of us, who believe in our freedom and that of others, cannot afford to be silent.

Contact: info@wewillnotbesilent.net

For more information about the early years of the WE WILL NOT BE SILENT campaign visit thecriticalvoice.org.

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