Feminism Gets Rebranded Favorite 



Nov 1 2013



For the November issue of women’s magazine ELLE UK, agency W+K London teamed up with feminist cofounders of Vagenda, Holly Baxter and Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett, to rebrand feminism.

Frustrated with the way women are stereotyped and portrayed, Vagenda created a ‘Sod The Stereotypes’ manifesto.

“We wanted it to be a declaration of independence. A woman should be able to stand up and say, “Sod the stereotypes. I am not an apple, a pear, or a butternut squash. I am not a girl next door, or a fifties housewife, or a temptress or a whore. Not a bimbo, or a ‘career woman’, or a bitch or a slut or a slag or a hag. Not a ‘woman on the verge’ who needs to ‘calm down dear.’ I’m not a princess or a womb-in-waiting or a manic pixie dreamgirl, or a momtrepreneur, trying to ‘have it all’. ‘I’m not a lady, or a tramp (or a vamp), or a bit of anything (alright or on the side). I’m not a yummy mummy, or a mistress, strumpet or ‘thinking man’s crumpet’. I am a woman, and…”,” the duo wrote on their site.

W+K London and Vagenda also created a magazine tear-out for ELLE which readers can state their viewpoint on the issue.

“[Readers can] write their own statement declaring how they define themselves as a women, take a snap and spread the word using the #imawomanand hashtag on Twitter and Instagram,” W+K London wrote.

What do you think of the rebrand of feminism?

By Anthea Quay

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