Glam Up the Midterms Favorite 


Nov 6 2018


The United States

You think midterm elections are boring? Not this year. Funny Or Die and Billy Eichner are going to Glam Up The Midterms!

Only 12% of young people voted during the last midterm election. From the same team that brought you Between Two Ferns, Billy On The Street, and that Will Ferrell video where he gets cussed out by a baby, Glam Up the Midterms will work to convince voters under the age of 40 that America hasn't gone to shit and that they should vote in November.

“We’re gonna turn the midterms into the hottest, sexiest event of the entire year,” Billy Eichner promised Jimmy Kimmel last night. It’s a tall order, but if anyone can make it happen, it’s Eichner–the loud, over-caffeinated star of Billy on the Street, Difficult People (RIP), and the most recent season of American Horror Story.

Eichner has been outspoken in his politics since the 2016 election, and now he’s channeling his activism into a joint initiative with Funny or Die. The comedian appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live!–a show that has also famously gotten more political over the past year–to announce GlamUpTheMidterms, an effort to raise election awareness and register voters across the country.

Approximately 88% of millennials sat out the midterms in 2014, a statistic that doesn’t sit well with activists in the politically charged environment of 2018. To that end, Eichner will be going to specific districts around the country–in places likeTexas, Pennsylvania, and Virginia–to educate potential voters on when the midterms take place and who the candidates are. All the while, he’ll be stressing the importance of getting registered, as all too many young people (and not-so-young people) tend to discover they’re not registered only when it’s too late.

Eichner also recruited a bunch of famous friends with late night shows, including John Oliver, Conan O’Brien, Sarah Silverman, and Robin Thede, to appear in a video to kick off the project. Will he actually succeed in making the midterms as stylish and sexy as an Oscars red carpet? Probably not. But if the project lowers that 88% of non-midterm-voting millennials by a digit or two, it will still be a massive success.

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