How to Colour Reality! 1 Favorite 



Apr 27 2015



In the era of New Media, we share media content with a single click. We co-create the reality of our world, often without thinking how this reality is "real." Nevertheless, what if this reality is sometimes somewhat coloured?

Students of the New Media Studies at Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic) decided to perform an experiment scrutinising whether it is possible to create a reality on the basis of non-existent stimuli. In the centre of Prague, they released dyed pigeons to observe how they would be perceived by its inhabitants. The dyed pigeons aroused a great lot of interests, emotions and indignation. Does it make any difference though that none of the dyed pigeons actually existed and all of them were coloured just in digital post-production?

The results of the experiment are summarised in the short documentary film (6 minutes, Czech with English subtitles; see the link below). The film points to the phenomenon of New media which have the power to affect what people consider to be real.

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