Justice Kavanaugh Boof Kits Favorite 



Nov 3 2018


Acoss the USA

Throughout the weekend, big box stores across the country were stocked with an unexpected item: “The Justice Kavanaugh Boof Kit.” The item, an alcohol enema kit (known as “boofing” or “butt chugging”), appeared on dozens of retailer’s shelves over the weekend in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Minneapolis, and Detroit. Some of the stores included Walmart, Target, Bevmo and other major super market chains.

The product, an object created by the group Von Wendy’s, highlights Kavanaugh’s ease and comfort with lying to congress and the American people by stating that the yearbook quote “Have you boofed yet?” referred to flatulence. “Boofing,” also known as “butt chugging,” is a form of alcoholic enema designed to send alcohol more rapidly into the blood stream through the thin membrane of the colon. This practice is extremely effective and dangerous, often leading to a “blackout” or loss of memory.

This seemingly simple lie has implications as to Kavanaugh’s basic human nature, his testimony over the sexual assault of Christine Blasey Ford and his general lack of fitness for the highest court in the country. This blatant lying was uniformly disregarded by a Radicalized Republican Congress.

What is more disturbing, an obscure accuser lying by letter, or a supreme court justice lying to congress and the American people?

Video here: https://youtu.be/z_iOwUFBLrs

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