Manual de micromilitancia Favorite 



Jan 9 2016


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Less than a month after Mauricio Macri's inauguration as president of Argentina in December 2015, a manual for micro-resistance was released online to guide resistance against Macri's election and policies. The manual suggests specific actions that people can perform in their everyday lives to build opposition against the new president. The actions include suggestions for sharing information respectfully (but not aggressively) online; buying Pagina 12, a newspaper that Macri's media monopoly doesn't control at least once a week to support it and also leaving it in public places across the city so others pick it up to read; writing notes that correct false information and ask questions on newspapers that are left out in cafes and bars; and acting out invisible theater a la Boal in public places to alert people to issues, such as rising prices of goods in a grocery store.

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