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Jan 15 2005


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires in Argentina is the only city in the world where streets named Palestine and Israel intersect on the city grid. Taking advantage of this situation, The Errorist Movement decided to protest against the conflict in Gaza in that location in Buenos Aires.

On January 15th 2009, a vehicle turned into a war tank covered with books with a sign that said “weapon of massive instruction” blocked the main street of the intersection and the collective started its performance. The members of the protest invaded the streets dressed as people in Gaza and throwing flour simulating bombs and attacks. 
 The purpose of the demonstration was to get more attention to the current situation in Gaza and to emphasize the urgent need for a peaceful solution for this historic conflict.
According to members of the Errorist Movement:

“The Image is constructed by means of context displacement, a dislocation of time and space generating a mirror of the images of the attacks that we see on a regular basis. People wounded from the effects of war: men, women and children, bandaged, mamed and limping, covered in dust from the explosions of buildings, wandering aimlessly with the hope of finding humanitarian aid, all of which has come to be an unsustainable situation. The role of the wounded children is fundamental to accentuate our critique of the most recent massacres. Our sentiments are not alone, but are part of a global campaign coming forward in countries all over the world.”

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