MicCheckWallSt Fourth of July Money Drop Favorite 



Jul 4 2012


Seattle WA

On July 4, 2012, several members of MicCheckWallSt, a subsidiary group of Seattle's larger Occupy Wall Street that formed in December, 2011, anonymously checked into a room at the historic Roosevelt Hotel in Downtown Seattle. From the 20th floor they dropped $5,000 in one and five-dollar bills, each marked with one of several messages denouncing the Supreme Courts Citizen's United decision of 2010 to overturn a ban on political spending limits for corporations, and more generally, the power of money in politics. The bills showered downtown Seattle streets for approximately 15 minutes.

Funds were raised by group members and anonymous donations through the group's website. This was not actually the first of such actions, although it was the first to receive press. Several months earlier the group dropped $500 in bills in downtown Seattle on Valentines Day. The bills were then stamped with messages regarding the commodification of love. Photos included present both actions.

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