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Mar 20 2015


Lima, Peru

In March this year, less than 100 days since he took office again, Luis Castañeda Lossio, Mayor of Lima, announced that the Municipality would remove the street art murals painted on the walls of downtown Lima’s historical city streets. “Lima has to recover all the architectural quality it has. They have chosen us and we will comply with the obligation that the population has consigned us,” said the mayor. In less than 24 hours all of the murals had been painted over, to much uproar of the Limeños.

As a response, a group of young activists started a campaign under the slogan “¡Podrán pintarlos, pero no borrarlos!" ("They can paint them over, but cannot erase them!". By painting QR codes on the walls where the murals once appeared, users can use their cellphones and revive the images, learn more about the artists and their work.

"The current mayor of Lima, has decided to snatch from the streets and artists what belongs to them, but we will return to the Centre what it deserves to have: art in all its forms," the fan page of "Murales Indelebles" states. This Facebook page has become viral among those citizens who reject the decision of mayor Luis Castaneda Lossio to eliminate the work of artists from all over Latin America in just one night.

Project video (in Spanish)

Take a look at some pictures of the murals that were painted over:

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