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Jul 1 2014


Tibet, China

This is a series of paintings reflecting the struggle and sacrifices made by the Tibetan people for independence. The author is Tenzing Rigdol, who is a Tibetan and influenced a lot by the Dalai Lama and traditional Tibetan culture. The paintings are full of Tibetan cultural elements. For instance, the characters created in the paintings are Tibetan monks, who are the typical representatives of their culture. Also, the background of the paintings are the Tibetan words. The most important things is that there is fire inside the monks body. This detail reflects the fact that the Tibetan monks self immolation incident. From November 15, 2011, there happened several events of the Tibetan monks self immolation incident in China. The monks ignited themselves with gasoline and sitting in the fire till death, just like the images in Tenzing's paintings. However, from my point of view, I believe the painting just want to attract people's attention on the existed issue between the mainland China and Tibet, rather than really encourage any violent behaviors for independence.

The paintings are on display at the Emmanuel Gallery at the University of Colorado Denver.

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The project reflects the struggle of Tibetan people for independence. It brings people's attention on the issue between the mainland China and Tibet, not only Tibetan people but also all Chinese.


I think this project is more tending to reflect a current issue between the mainland China and Tibet, instating of really encouraging Tibetan people to make some violent behavior for independence.