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Oct 12 2013



Namo Nazi

Namo Nazi is a group which is dedicated to the cause of spreading awareness about fascism. They create anti-fascist T-Shirts and say this about themselves:

"One AntiFascist T-shirt is Worth a Thousand Votes. Please Buy Two. We design antifascist T-shirts and sell them online really cheap with the belief that while you can vote against Namo Nazi only once, your T-shirt speaks against him wash after wash after wash..."

Namo, a religious terminology, was re-appropriated by Narendra Modi's PR team, during his prime ministerial campaign, as an acronym for NArendra MOdi. Modi has, on several occasions, by various people, been likened to Hitler and the Nazis. Namo Nazi draws connections between these two fascist forces and comes up with new designs for T-Shirts.

Some examples can be found below.

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