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Feb 1 2007



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PeaceMaker is a video game developed by ImpactGames, and published in February 2007 for Windows and Mac OS. It is a government simulation game which simulates the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Labelled as a serious game, it is often pitched as "a video game to promote peace".

Peacemaker players can choose to represent either the leader of Israel or the Palestinian Authority. They have to deal with events presented using real world pictures and footage. They have to react and make social, political, and military decisions that their position entails within a gameplay system similar to turn-based strategy. The goal of the game is to solve the conflict with the two-state solution.

PeaceMaker was well received by both the gaming and general press and won several awards. Critics praised its gameplay and the accuracy of the conflict representation. It is seen as an important game for the serious game movement and is becoming a flagship of the genre. Its educational value allows for a better understanding of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and promotes peace.

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