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Jun 29 2013


Caracas, Venezuela


Pedestrian Critical Mass
We walk for pedestrians rights
Saturday, June 29th @ 3:33 pm
From Plaza Venezuela to Chacaíto
Caracas, Venezuela

We invite you to walk for a human Caracas where car driver and motorized respect pedestrian. Enough of drivers that throw up to ourselves, motorbikes that obstruct the sidewalk or the zebra crossing, car drivers stunned us with his fucking claxon. Caracas will be human because US, pedestrians of this great city demand it.

Walking is an ecological way of transport, healthy, free and full of pleasure that lends itself to meeting and sharing. When we walk we meet each other and know ourselves, we feel secure, without fear in streets. We achieve that just walking. And that's the real 'quality of life'.

Therefore we invite you to walk this Saturday June 29th, when we commemorate the death of José Gregorio Hernández, a famous venezuelan whose life, dedicated to the common good, had a tragic and premature end because of a car. We declare him as our Santo Peatón ('Holy Pedestrian'), our emblem of this struggle for a human Caracas.

Let's shout slogans, display banners, paint zebra crossings, claim our right to walk the streets, intervening with art and love during the route. A celebration of the life by foot. Because the good life is public.

Let's heal Caracas with our feets.

We will begin to meet at Plaza Venezuela at 3:33 pm waiting all the pedestrians arrive to exit as Mass to celebrate and claim. Join us!

Pedestrian Critical Mass
Organizers: Ser Urbano /
Twitter: serurbano_org

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