Prague's Lennon Wall Favorite 



Feb 8 2015


Prague, Czech Republic

Prague's Lennon Wall is a tourist attraction to some, and a participatory street art haven for others. Directly opposite of the French embassy, the wall has been filled with evolving art and graffiti since the 80s. The wall received its first public inscription, a tribute to John Lennon, following Lennon's assassination in September 1980. At the time, Western images were forbidden in Czechoslovakia and despite a quick cover-up, it inspired a flood of additional art bearing anti-communist messages. Today the wall is not only a historical landmark but also a rhizome of inspirational text and images. It has become a global canvas harnessing the spirit of Lennon's worldviews on peace and solidarity. A digital media project ( about the site has been built to curate its rapidly changing images in real-time.

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