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Feb 12 2011



A New York blogger impersonating David Koch successfully prank called Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. David Koch is one of the two wealthy brothers who were big donors to his political campaign and GOP efforts generally.

While Walker doesn't say anything that appears immediately career-ending, when the fake Koch suggests putting "troublemakers" in the crowd of protesters who've been at the Wisconsin state capitol for eight consecutive days, presumably to discredit them, Walker says: "We thought about that."

But the governor quickly pivoted, saying he and others concluded that real unrest might swing public opinion against him and that it was better to let the protests play out, that the media would eventually lose interest. His critics will likely jump on the fact that he didn't say it would be wrong.

The 20-minute conversation with the blogger from the Buffalo Beast, whose site is down, is available on the Mother Jones website (linked below).

Walker's office confirms it's the governor on the phone call in what has to be, if nothing else, an embarrassment for Walker and his top aides.It appears the recording would be legal if the call originated in New York because both that state and Wisconsin are "one-party consent" states in which only one person on the call, the recording person in this case, need to consent to the recording. The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press has details.

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