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Apr 14 1995



In 1995, Bogota was a chaotic city. Among others, it presented high ranges of homicides, delinquency, corruption, no sense of belonging, traffic chaos and financial problems.

People were desperate and they were ready to accept any alternative to a change and Antanas Mockus Sivickas was the answer for this collective will. Mathematician, philosopher, son of Lithuanian immigrants and well known for his unusual ways of acting publicly, this Mayor changed the city with the power of art, pedagogy and public policy.

One of the most relevant actions consisted, for example, of hiring mimes to act as street police and teach people to cross the streets properly and protect their lives. He and his team accomplished to teach Bogotás' citizens a symbolic language to interect with each other and with the institutions. In this regard, Bogotá became a huge laboratory for social research, art and social change.

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