Resist developers with naked body in Macau 1 Favorite 


Jul 2 2011



In 2011, nine local artists staged a performance called “Let’s Add 1 Meter to Taipa Pequena (Sio Tam Hill)” in Macau, protesting against the controversial attempted rezoning of the mountain for high-rise construction by the developers. They lied on top of each other with their naked bodies, forming a one-meter-high pile of human nudity on the Taipa Pequena. In the photograph, the pile of flesh is pressing the soil, with the backdrop of green wild weeds, blue sky and the Macau Tower afar.

Referencing a famous 1995 performance by Zhang Huan and others, To Add One Meter To an Anonymous Mountain, nine artists reenacted the performance in Let’s Add 1 Meter To Taipa Pequena (Sio Tam Hill) and posted the photograph on Facebook, attracting 1200 “likes” in support before the page was forcibly shut down.

After Macau's transition of sovereignty from Portugal to China, Macau people, like many of the decolonial places, experience an ambiguous identity crisis, especially in the case of Macau, decolonization did not promise independence, but another subjection to another country. This identity crisis is exacerbated by the “political and economic processes of recolonization”, resulted from globalization and ginormous capital flows that rocket the development of the gaming industry and the housing market which simultaneously exploit the already scarce land and its local people. This protest, rare in Macau, is considered to be the awakening of Macau's social movement, and a self-making of local identity.

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