Resistance to the stereotypes of poetry Favorite 

The aim of the action is to create a fractal network of poets, where their poems will be recited, recorded, set to music, will be activistically acted as performance material in order to resist the censorship of art.

The field of action is the poets who will be born and the network that will be created by the restless artists.

The place of action is the internet space as a historical fractal of practices and symbolisms that develop according to specific human geometries.

The process of writing a poem, the body the place, the actor subject, are spirally re-examined as fractal abstract symbolic objects based on the work of Michalis Katsaros.

The landscape that is born gives the dynamics of the Resistance to the stereotypes, utilitarianly creates a direct Inspiration in the Field of the creators.

Governments own the cultural capital and gives it time credit by censoring the field in person.

Creative artists in a retrospective landscape extend the meaning and experience of life, oppose the rulers as comrades and push politics through art. A key component of the action is the collective cultural memory of the poets of the post-dictatorship civil war generation. Power structures and relations as a New Mass Culture contradict Adorno's theory and call for the abolition of the cult-liberating value of art as a new place of political establishment with lost opportunities for the artistic vanguard of surrealism. Real art is integrated into the symbolic participation of social reality, as a communication practice that in itself puts energy into a socio-political issue and creates a mechanism for building a New Community. The social self that translates the concepts of production means of interpreting memories of a historical era, conquers the need of the antihero of a physiognomy that resists clichés and calls for emancipation the poet as an actor and the observer-spectator as a member of the family of the work.

The mechanisms of learning through poetry and new readings develop resistance to any form of critical action. After all, poets as models experience the place of poetry as an observable phenomenon, giving time to a worthy projection in it as a flexible material. The creative dipole of interactive dialogue with other artists accumulates symbolic capital in the community through collective memory remembering examples of old exiled Fighters. The objectification of the establishment during the ephemeral, offers material substance for the creation of new songs and works as a work of the prophetic manifesto of Katsaros.

**My Will**
to the one who builds a small house
and says: well here I am.
Resist the one who came home again
and says: Glory be to God.
on the Persian carpet of apartment buildings
to the short man in the office
in the company import - export
in public education
in the tax
to me still telling you.

to the one who greets from the podium for hours
endless parades
to this barren lady who shares
forms of saints Lebanon and myrrh
to me still telling you.

Resist all those who are called great again
to the President of the Court of Appeal resist
in music the drums and percussion
at all the talking conferences
counselors drink coffee
to all who write speeches about the time
next to the winter heater
in flattery the wishes in so many bows
from scribes and cowards for their wise leader.

Resist the services of foreigners
and passports
in the terrible flags of the states and diplomacy
in ammunition factories
to those who say nice words lyricism
in thurias
in sweet songs with lamentations
to the spectators
in the wind
to all the indifferent and the wise
to others who make your friend
as well as to me, to me still telling you
Then we can confidently move on to

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