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Mar 19 2013


Toronto, Ontario

ROYNATION is a weekly internet radio show. The show covers art and politics and because ROYNATION is queer, it's usually queer art and politics. The show goes live on Tuesdays at 9PM. During the show people can phone in or comment in the chat and after the show, it's available as a download.

#57 was dedicated to PRIDE. A straight woman was re-elected a national organization that oversees Prides across Canada - so where were the queers who could have ran? Is there a leadership vacuum? We also talked to Montreal about their many Prides and how they deal with it and also a member of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid - the city is threatening to withdraw funding if the group participates in Pride Toronto...and we talked to Andrea Marraccone in Italy about what is happening there - New Pope, Grillo, Austerity - it was a bumpy show...!

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