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Apr 8 2014

Born to Heal, a documentary exploring the life of Native American healer, Russell FourEagles, and a handful of the lives he has touched.

Growing up in a tarpaper shack in the north woods, Russell FourEagles was born to be a healer. His grandmother chose him to learn the accumulated wisdom from over 200 generations of family healers.

Russell’s life journey bridges the traditions of his ancestors with the realities of modern times in a fascinating story of conflict, sacrifice, insight, and inspiration. Imagine a young man, trained as a healer, on high alert as he walks point through the war-torn jungles of Vietnam. Throughout his life, the challenge of straddling two very different worlds has been a consistent theme.

But above it all, his is a story of an amazing man dedicated to bringing hope and healing to people in need.

By helping us document Russell's fascinating journey, you could be paying forward a second chance, a new direction, or a new hope to someone searching and unaware of the promise offered from telling this untold story.

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