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Jan 1 2000


Seville Spain

In the Si 8 Do project, Seville activists convened in a neglected barrio during the Euromediterranean Conference on Sustainable Cities, which was taking place in Seville. To protest the city's housing policies—selling prime public land to wealthy developers, and neglecting to build affordable housing or public green space—the group planted flags in dog poop all over the neighborhood that read "Se 8 Do," representing the phrase "Thou has abandoned me." They also modeled plastic helmets next to decrepit, falling walls that the city had neglected to take care of. The campaign continued to grow, and city signs promising affordable housing (which the city did not follow through on), were vandalized. Posters were drawn up to emphasize the invisibility of "unregistered" people in the face of gentrification. All of these things became tools that people have continued to use to fight eviction.

NB: Estimated date of action is uncertain.

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We believe that the city actually did clean up the poop. Certainly some attention was drawn to the issue.

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