Stella McCartney Designs Shirts for Red Nose Day Favorite 



Jan 31 2013



This action, to be released to the wider public this Friday, March 15th, was the design of t-shirts in support of British Charity, Comic Relief, an organization dedicated to bringing positive and lasting change to vulnerable youth communities in Europe (specifically in the U.K.) and various countries in Africa and, most critically, addressing the root causes of their poverty. Red Nose Day is a televised event that galvanizing fundraising efforts in support of this organization. Stella McCartney's action is the focus of this post, while the t-shirts will be sold in conventional fast fashion outlet, T.J. Maxx, the t-shirts were produced with 100% Fair Trade certified cotton and manufactured ethically in Africa, as ethical considerations are the primary concern of Stella McCartney's designs.

Some questions that can be raised from this action are:
*Can retail actions really be potential creative activist actions?
*How does the idea of aestheticized poverty function in actions like this? Does that lesson the importance of the ultimate action?
*Is an action really operating from a place of social justice when a continent is referenced comparatively to a country?
*Should the televised event Red Nose Day be considered the action instead of Stella McCartney's? What place does fashion activism have if it is made on behalf of another more definable event action?

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