The What We Want Favorite 


May 24 2014


Los Angeles

In 2013, and again in 2014, PCI Media Impact partnered with Professor David Gere and the UCLA Art & Global Health Center, to design and facilitate a 5-week communications workshop, entitled Soap Operas for Social Change. Throughout this intensive course, students designed and produced an Entertainment Education (E-E) serial drama in response to the growing concerns about sexual assault on campus. The end result was a UCLA student-created, 5-part web series on the subject, entitled “The What We Want”. With support from the UCLA Healthy Campus Initiative, a professional production company, Cut&Cue, were engaged to ensure the final production value was of the highest standard.
In addition to writing, casting, acting in, and producing the web series, students also created an on-campus campaign for promoting the drama to their community and developed a facilitator discussion guide for resident advisors, student health clinicians, and teachers to use when screening “The What We Want" web series.

UCLA’s Ashe Student Health & Wellness Center, the university’s primary student healthcare provider, has agreed to use “The What We Want” as promotional material for their sexual-health services and has paid for the production of a viral music video to be added as the drama’s fifth episode.

UCLA’s Office of Residential Life is working with our students and the Art and Global Health Center to use “The What We Want” as part of the sexual health curriculum for over 5,000 incoming freshman students annually. Staff and students trained in facilitating workshops with the web series have already led events at UCLA in January, 2015, with commitments to add more interventions throughout the year.

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