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Jul 10 2019


Madrid, Spain

Spain is known for its beautiful scenic views, rich history, and rich culture. When we focus on Spain it mainly for the things that attract tourism. Often when living in paradise you forget the shadows that hold secrets are not far behind. I have uncovered a deep dark truth that hides within the cities - Sexual violence and the brutal inequality that women face in Spain. This tragic issue has caused shock, disbelief, and a public uproar in many communities. As a result, artists use their work to speak out against the tragic acts through social activism, art and challenge the government through protest. Often artists will create artwork that shows victims in a venerable state to speak out against Sexual violence. However, Pilar Albarracin is an artist who challenges the way we look at sexual violence, women´s sexuality, and the way we portray the free female form.

The brilliant artist Pilar Albarracin is well known for her feminist views and artwork that embellish the beauty and power of a woman's body. Pilar Albarracin was born in Sevilla, Spain on September 27, 1968. In her work, she portrays how a woman is more than just an object but an owner of herself and not just a conformer to men. In her art exhibit, Serie Licenciadas: Del pánico genital, she praises the body of women uplifting the things the world has condemned women to be ashamed about.

The artist view on women is portrayed through empowerment, strength, and openness when looking at a woman’s body She paints the women's bodies as a statement of strength while listing a resume of the women’s profession. This is done to show that no matter how a woman is portrayed it doesn’t define who she can be in the world. Usually, when viewing a woman’s body naked you automatically categorize it as negative. However, Pillar uses vulnerability as an advantage to challenge society to use a different lens to view past a woman’s body parts. Her work of Del pánico genital al pánico laboral is activism art due to her using women’s bodies as a symbol of freedom. The naked body symbolizes openness by removing the stigma that a woman’s naked body is vulgar. The free female form in her artwork doesn't victimize. The portrayal of the body is the central point in evolution to a symbol of power.

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