Add Privacy for £35 Favorite 



May 23 2016


Lancaster, United Kingdom

In the UK, the secretary of state Theresa May is attempting to pass a new investigatory draft bill that would essentially rid all British citizens of the right to privacy and security on the internet. Internet providers will be required to maintain user's browser history for 12 months amongst other things. In light of these revelations, it seems privacy will no longer be a basic human right, but an add-on option to our internet services. In my mind, companies will exploit the public's fear of being watched and will offer "Privacy packages" for an additional fee. In this dystopian world, the poor will have no right to privacy and the rich will live a lie, living under the impression that they have more privacy when in actual fact they have as few liberties as the poor they mock. My art attempts to address this. These can be seen on my blog on my website. This dystopian world that I've described above is shown through these poster designs that I got printed earlier last week: . These posters were created using Photoshop and are constructed from scratch.

I don't know whether my art is attempting to start a movement, or whether it is simply commenting on the facts. These are areas I am yet to consider.

In general, my art attempts to address issues surrounding privacy and security on the internet through physical, tangible pieces. Can we have both liberties in this big brother society that we seem live in? Read more on my blog (follow the external sources links).

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