American Prison Perpestives Favorite 



Apr 11 2010


Across United States

With American Prison Perspectives, Gielen intends tol illustrate how prison complex designs reflect the politics, economic priorities and anxieties of society, yet there would be so much more to say with pictures inside the prisions. There are many insightful conclusions one could make about society through the structure of the buildings, when the very subject of this campaign (human injustice, prison reform, politics, etc.) would be more captivating with human subjects or an inside look of the prison environment. While the juxtaposition he draws between his current prison photo series and his previous photo series of suburban complexes serves as an interesting comparison--where one could see the general similarities of architecture--I feel that the real story of the prisoners would make for a better representation of the politics, economic disparities and social fear Gielen fails to 'expose.'

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