Border Crosser 1 Favorite 

ZERO1 is thrilled to commission artist Chico MacMurtrie/Amorphic Robot Works(ARW) Border Crosser during the week leading up to SB50. Rising 40 feet from the ground and arching across an imaginary border before forming a bridge and touching down on the “other side,” Border Crosser is the first of a series of large-scale inflatable robotic sculptures that poetically explore the notion of borders by artist Chico MacMurtrie/ARW. Sculpturally and architecturally, the Border Crosser, when fully extended, refers to telecommunication and electrical towers. In performance, it is gently arching in one of three possible directions before eventually forming a bridge. This “bridging” gesture alludes to the equality of all humans and the desire for more connection. As a peaceful metaphor, Border Crosser invites the public to rethink the notion of borders in a globalized world.

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