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Oct 17 2017


The United States

Scrawny. Short. Ugly. Fat. Weird. 30% of school kids worldwide are bullied each year and bullying is the #1 act of violence against young people in America today. The BURGER KING® brand is known for putting the crown on everyone’s head and allowing people to have it their way. Bullying is the exact opposite of that. So the BURGER KING® brand is speaking up against bullying during National Bullying Prevention Month 2017.

To help spread awareness, we created an eye-opening campaign, called “Bullying Junior” that brings the issue even closer to home with an experiment that took place in a BURGER KING® restaurant. First, a high school junior was bullied by friends (all actors); and then a WHOPPER JR.® sandwich was bullied – punched, smashed, destroyed, and then served by a staffer (also an actor). 95% of the real-life customers reported their bullied WHOPPER JR.®, which was noticeably roughed-up badly upon unwrapping. But, only 12% reported the high school junior who was being noticeably bullied right in front of customers’ faces. While he was helplessly harassed by his “friends” both emotionally and physically, not many people were willing to take a stand. The outcome was shocking, and unfortunately, not so shocking at the same time.

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How does this project help?


Its main goal is to spread awareness about bullying and how we respond to events of bullying, and with almost one million views on Youtube it has definitely had a large amount of reach, but it's unclear if the campaign has had any effects on the rates of bullying.