Capitalism Works For Me! True/False 1 Favorite 



Jul 1 2012

A 20ft by 9ft scoreboard that reads "Capitalism Works For Me!" and allows visitors to vote on whether Capitalism works in their lives by pressing a button for True or False.

"Capitalism is discussed every day using euphemisms like 'jobs,' 'job creation,' 'the business climate,' and discussing whatever 'crisis' is deemed relevant; a housing crisis, financial crisis, social security crisis, tax crisis, or fill- in-the blank crisis. But the whole is rarely a topic of frank discussion—much less alternatives or meaningful reform.

As a culture, we need the vision and boldness it takes to discuss the problem itself. The idea that “there is no alternative” to the way our world works takes away our ability to dream. As citizens we need the courage to begin these discussions on order to move on to new and better visions for the future."

The sign creates a space where Capitalism can be questioned by everyday people, while staying focused on the personal, and discussed in a familiar language.

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