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Apr 27 2019


Cork, ireland

This piece draws on the agit-pop theatre tradition of a short pop-up provocative & disruptive intervention in familiar spaces. The purpose of Punch & Judy style short piece is to inform and raise awareness Ireland’s failure to meet its carbon emission targets and to emphasise the inadequacy of our government’s N.M.P. (National Mitigation Plan).

It is our hope that on seeing this piece that the audience members will be encouraged to seek further information by logging on to and add their voice of support.

In order to establish local to global interconnections we chose the character Leo Varadker (the Irish Prime Minister) to represent the Irish government and Greta Thunberg (youth climate activist) to represent the Global nature of the effects of climate inaction.

This piece was created and performed by students from CIT Creativity & Change course on April 27th 2019, Cork City, Ireland.
see video of puppet show here:

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