Coca Cola is Out of Order - Grassroots Campaign For Container Deposit Recycling in Australia Favorite 



Mar 4 2013



In March 2013 we started a grassroots boycott movement against Coca-Cola for exploiting legal loopholes to kill off container deposit recycling in the Northern Territory. We simply used the same successful strategy as the ANZ Out of Order action, putting out of order signs on Coca Cola vending machines and posting the photos on social media. This was a campaign that invited everyone to contribute and that gave people a means to and it quickly went viral. Through both social media and mainstream media the campaign reached millions of Australians, many of whom were not aware that Coca-Cola was interfering with Australia’s environmental laws. Eventually the loopholes that Coca-Cola exploited were closed and the Northern Territory was able to continue as one of only two states that uses container deposits to recycle in Australia.

Like the ANZ Out of Order action, this campaign had no budget. Instead it relied on creativity, people power, social media and timing.

This is a youtube of us hijacking a multimillion-dollar Coca Cola media event dressed as penguins.

Below is a summary of the significant online media the campaign generated:

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