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Oct 1 2013


Catalonia, Spain

Comusitària is a Community Cultural Development agency based in Barcelona run by Noemi Rubio and Laia Serra. They work in the production, management, research and dissemination of artistic projects that build social capital and enable citizens to live more active, critical and creative lives.

Since Comusitària began in 2008, Laia and Noemi have carried out an investigation into community music practices and projects throughout the UK with the support of the Arts Council of Catalunya and have undertaken a residency with the Community Arts Network in Adelaide (Australia). They recently conducted a study with the University of Barcelona looking at the potential of Community Cultural Development as a new model for cultural facilities management and have subsequently been invited to present their research at the European Research Network Sociology of Arts conference (Vienna, 2013) and at the International Conference in Arts and Cultural Management (Bogotá, 2014).

Both Laia and Noemi are members of the teaching staff on the Postgraduate degree in Sociocultural Animation and Community Development at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. They co-edited the monograph ‘Cultural Action and Community Development’ published by Graó (2011). They also are included in the “Map of experts and successful cases” of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Family of Catalunya and they are signed up to the ‘Inclusive Barcelona’ Agreement.

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