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Dec 6 2012



Detox Levi's: 6th December: Greenpeace activists staged a vertical catwalk action in front of the levi's store in the biggest mall in Copenhagen, Denmark. Greenpeace calls Levi's to engage fully in the process of ending the use and release of hazardous chemicals in connection with the production of their clothing.

"Several hours after we launched the campaign Levis responded with a blog that can only be described as a little defensive. It described in great detail all of the work Levis is currently doing and reiterated that the levels of hazardous chemicals found in its clothes were not known to constitute any direct health risk to the wearers. It spoke of the need for group action and described the issue as complex.

Fast forward 24 hours, and as activists in Copenhagen performed a vertical catwalk next to one of their stores, the team at Levis was busy publishing, for the first time, what looked like an individual action plan that began to detail how it might move from being a Toxic zero to a Detox hero.

For a first attempt it wasnt terrible. But sadly for the millions of people around the world affected every day by the pollution caused when making Levis famous 501s — it was simply not good enough."

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