Egypt’s Hip Hop Revolution Continues: New Videos From The Narcicyst & MC Amin Favorite 



Feb 29 2012


Montreal, Canada

A year after the revolution, Egypt is still in conflict, still grasping for a catalyst to solidify its society and bring unity and peace to the people. Violence, poverty and unemployement are still rampant, and the voiceless still seek a voice.

As was the case in 2011, Hip Hop has reemerged as a voice for the Egyptian youth for 2012, with new challenges and frustrations countering their struggle for freedom and equality.

Two new music videos are now available for a worldwide audience reflecting these pains, The Narcicyst “Fly Over Egypt” and MC Amin “El Thawra Mostamera”. Calls to action, calls to compassion, calls to unity.

Links to videos:

Fly Over Egypt

“El Thawra Mostamera” (The Revolution Continues)

By: CommonBreath on February 29, 2012

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